3D Marine Expeditionary Brigade

Originally activated 14 December 1917 at Quantico, Virginia, as 3D Provisional Brigade.

Deployed during December 1917 to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Participated in the occupation of Cuba, December 1917 to July 1918. This occupation of Cuba came after the Spanish-American War of 1898.

Relocated during August 1918 to Galveston, Texas.

Deactivated 30 April 1919.

Brigade reactivated 28 March 1927 at Quantico, Virginia, as 3D Brigade.

Deployed during April-May 1927 to Shanghai, China. The Marines stationed in Shanghai were tasked with protecting American citizens during the Chinese Revolution.

Deactivated 14 January 1929.

Reactivated 21 March at New River, North Carolina, as 3D Marine Brigade.

Deployed during May 1942 to Western Samoa. The Marines were tasked with defending the island during World War II.

Deactivated 8 November 1943.

Reactivated 11 September 1946 at Camp Pendleton, California.

Deactivated 16 July 1947.

Reactivated 19 May 1962 at Okinawa, Japan, as 3D Marine Expeditionary Brigade.

Deployed during May 1962 to Udorn, Thailand. The Brigade was deployed to the Udorn airstrip as part of Operation Millpond. This operation was based around limiting Communist influence in pro-West Thailand.

 Participated in the Laotian Crisis, May-August 1962. The Brigade was part of the force sent to limit Communist influence in Laos should the need arise.  

Deactivated during August 1962.

Reactivated 23 April 1965 at Camp Hauge, Okinawa, as 3D Amphibious Brigade.

Participated in the war in Vietnam, April-May 1965, operating from Chu Lai.

Deactivated 12 May 1965.

Reactivated 14 April 1971 at Da Nang, Republic of Vietnam.

Participated in the war in Vietnam, April-June 1971, operating from Da Nang. The 3D Amphibious Brigade was the last combat unit remaining in Vietnam by July 1971.

Deactivated 27 June 1971.

III Marine Expeditionary Force Headquarters Element deployed in support of Operation Stabilize, East Timor, September 1999-February 2000. The element was part of the force sent to East Timor to provide logistical support for the Australian-led peacekeeping mission.

Reactivated 1 January 2000 at East Timor as 3D Marine Expeditionary Brigade from the former III Marine Expeditionary Force Headquarters Element.

Participated in Operation Sea Angel II, Bangladesh, November-December 2007. This operation provided disaster relief to Bangladesh after the hurricane hit.

In 2009 and 2010 3D MEB deployed to the Philippines to provide humanitarian assistance and disaster relief.

In 2011, deployed to mainland Japan during Operation Tomodachi as the III MEF forward.

Officially reactivated December 13, 2011 here on Okinawa and was fully operational capable in September 2013.

In 2013, deployed to the Philippines during Operation Damayan as the FCE for JTF-505.

In 2015, deployed to Nepal for Operation Sahayogi Haat as the core of JTF-505.


3D Marine Expeditionary Brigade