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New Joins


-Your first point of contact can be the Uniform Readiness Coordinator (URC), Capt. Keith Elliott II <>.  The URC will pass critical unit information about your PCS.  This step is necessary to gain access the unit's secure site for more detailed information.

-Once we have received you on the inbound roster, you will be assigned a sponsor as the primary point of contact for 3d MEB. This sponsor will contact you and provide critical information for transition and move.  Refer to this command representative for all questions.

-3d MEB's sponsorship coordinator: SSgt Geomary Diaznegron at DSN: 315-622-1071 / Email:

Accounts and G-6 Information

To ensure the necessary accounts have been created and the migration of your existing account will occur as soon as possible follow the below steps to reduce the time it takes to get all the required accounts for this unit.  This will dramatically decrease the amount of time it takes to gain access upon arrival.

-Electronically fill out the required System Authorization Access Request [SAAR].

-Complete the USMC Cyber Awareness Training (CYBERM0000) on MarineNet for the current Fiscal Year.

-Derivative classification completed within 1 year from (JKO CERT IS NOT VALID) Derivative classification is only needed for a SIPR account not NIPR.

-Attach and email the SAAR, CYBERM0000 certificate, and Derivative Classifier certificate to 3D MEB G-6 Helpdesk . Include your sponsors name AND the date you will detach from your current unit in the body of the email. ***Ensure your current unit does NOT disable your account upon detachment** 

-Refer to the attached How To Guide for SAAR guidance.

3D Marine Expeditionary Brigade