Japanese, U.S. Troops Hone Bilateral Capability in Exercise Keen Edge 2024

13 Feb 2024 | Maj. George McArthur 3rd Marine Expeditionary Brigade

The Western Army, Japan Ground Self Defense Force (JGSDF), and U.S. Task Force 76/3 (TF 76/3) completed simulated operations in a bilateral coordination node here as a part of exercise Keen Edge 24, February 8.

Keen Edge is a biennial Japan Joint Staff and U.S. Indo-Pacific Command-level exercise conducted this year by the combined-joint force in various locations throughout Japan and Hawaii. III Marine Expeditionary Force (MEF) and Commander, U.S. Seventh Fleet, employed TF 76/3 forward from Okinawa, Japan, for the first time during this year’s iteration of the exercise.

More than 300 JGSDF service members and U.S. Marines and Sailors worked together during the regularly scheduled command post exercise to build upon professional relationships, increase readiness, and strengthen bilateral coordination procedures, according to Col. Bill Matory, 3d Marine Expeditionary Brigade (MEB) operations officer.

“Working shoulder-to-shoulder alongside our Japanese partners has been a great experience, and we thrived on the opportunity to work with our counterparts,” said Matory. “Through exercises like Keen Edge, we bring our diverse viewpoints together to positively expand our capabilities. We exchanged best practices and put forth our best efforts to hone U.S. and Japanese operational excellence in support of peace and security in the region.”

TF 76/3 is composited from the staffs of 3D MEB as a major subordinate command of III MEF, and Expeditionary Strike Group Seven (ESG-7) with U.S. 7th Fleet during an ongoing campaign of learning and naval integration. Task force personnel concurrently rehearsed command and control over assigned forces from a forward-deployed Integrated Littoral Warfare Center during Keen Edge 24, according to Navy Capt. Emily Royse, ESG-7 operations officer.

“Task Force 76/3 is postured to support real-world crises or contingencies in the Indo-Pacific region, and this exercise gave us the opportunity to rehearse our quick-deployment flexibility,” said Royse. “Our Sailors and Marines working together in the same organization to practice naval integration is an exciting opportunity to refine concepts for the entire Navy and Marine Corps.”

For more information regarding exercise Keen Edge, contact the U.S. Indo-Pacific Command public affairs office at pacom.pao.duty@navy.mil.

 熊本―陸上自衛隊 (JGSDF) 西部方面隊と米軍第76任務部隊 (TF 76/3) は2月8日、キーン・エッジ24訓練の一環として二国間調整ノードにおけるシミュレーション演習を終えました。
 キーン・エッジは、防衛省統合幕僚監部と米インド太平洋軍レベルで隔年に実施される合同訓練で、統合された両国の隊員らは日本とハワイの各地で本年の演習を行いました。第三海兵遠征軍 (III MEF)と第7艦隊司令官は今年の訓練において、これまで実施された訓練で初めて沖縄の第76任務部隊を派遣しました。
 第3海兵遠征旅団 (3rd MEB) 作戦士官のビル・マトリー大佐は、300人以上の陸上自衛隊員と米海兵隊員、海軍兵が定期的に計画された指揮所演習で協力しあうことで、プロフェッショナルな関係を築き、即応性を高め、二国間調整手順を強化できたと強調しました。
 第76任務部隊は、第三海兵遠征軍の主要隷下部隊である第3海兵遠征旅団の隊員と第7艦隊第7遠征打撃群 (ESG-7)の隊員で構成され、海軍力を統合する試みを実施しています。第7遠征打撃群作戦士官のエミリー・ロイス海軍大佐によると、同任務部隊はキーン・エッジ24の期間中に、前方展開された統合沿岸戦闘センターから、割り当てられた部隊の指揮と統制のリハーサルを同時に行いました。
 キーン・エッジ訓練に関する詳細は、米軍インド太平洋軍広報室pacom.pao.duty@navy.mil まで。

3D Marine Expeditionary Brigade