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CTF 76-3 Prepares for Noble Fusion 22.2

23 Aug 2023 | Courtesy Story 3rd Marine Expeditionary Brigade

Task Force 76/3 will conduct operations for the first time during Noble Fusion 22.2 starting Oct. 1, 2022.

Task Force 76/3 recently formed as a result of merging the staffs of Navy's Task Force 76, Seventh Fleet, and 3d Marine Expeditionary Brigade, III Marine Expeditionary Force.

"Merging the two staffs simply makes sense. It's an idea that's really well-suited to this region," said Rear Adm. Derek Trinque, commander, Task Force 76/3. "A command that is truly a Navy and Marine Corps team provides the most capable and most ready force to commanders in the key maritime terrain of the Indo-Pacific."

TF 76/3 is not a permanently established command, as it's currently in experimentation for proof of concept. Following the experimentation period, feedback will be provided back to senior Navy, Marine Corps and defense leaders with lessons learned and in order to determine the way forward.

"Task Force 76/3 is what we believe naval integration should look like for our mission and our forces in the Indo-Pacific region," said Brig. Gen. Fridrik Fridriksson, deputy commander, Task Force 76/3. "We are going to be real and honest with ourselves, so we can provide better prepared forces for the full range of operations, from humanitarian and disaster response to high-intensity conflict."

Noble Fusion 22.2 is a campaign of learning and experimentation beginning Oct. 1, 2022, in which TF 76/3 will be experimenting, operating and evaluating naval integration concepts through operations at-sea and ashore.

While conducting Noble Fusion 22.2 as a staff, TF 76/3 will concurrently participate in operations and exercises throughout the Indo-Pacific. TF 76/3 will support 3d Marine Division during Exercise KAMANDAG beginning Oct. 3, 2022. TF 76/3 will additionally participate in exercises and operations throughout the summer and fall, to be announced at a later time.

As a result of the merger, TF 76/3 will use "L-codes" as department codes, rather than the normally used "N-codes" and "G-codes." A majority of the departments merged to form "L-codes," but since the merger isn't permanent, departments like administration (N-1/G-1) will remain independent due to the significantly ifferent administrative functions and processes each service follows.

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