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US, Philippine, JGSDF service members conduct HCA during KAMANDAG 3
17 Oct 2019

SUBIC BAY, Philippines – Service members from the United States Navy, Philippine Marine Corps, Philippine Air Force and Japan Ground Self-Defense Force led multiple cooperative health engagements and community relations events as part of a humanitarian and civic assistance effort during exercise KAMANDAG 3 at several locations throughout Luzon, Philippines, Oct. 9-17, 2019.

During the HCA events, multilateral military medical, civil affairs and religious ministry teams led multiple courses focused on community health, emergency management, disaster relief and religious services to local Philippine families and city health officials. HCA events offer unique training and information exchanges that enhance the knowledge and skills needed to mitigate humanitarian crises.

“What we did helps empower the Filipino people,” said U.S. Navy Lt. Liezl Dagum, a nurse with Navy Nurse Corps 3rd Medical Battalion. “It’s important to understand basic life support and how to react when there is an emergency or disaster.”

HCA events provide service members the opportunity to enhance relationships with the local populace and learn from the Armed Forces of the Philippines, according to U.S. Navy Lt. Brian Bonzo, an en route care nurse with 3rd Med. Bn.

“Each year, we continue to build better relationships with local communities,” Bonzo said. “We learn something new from each other, and we strive to continue improving our exercise for both sides.”

KAMANDAG, a Philippine-led, bilateral exercise, is an acronym for the Filipino phrase “Kaagapay Ng Mga Manirigma Ng Dagat,” which translates to “Cooperation of the Warriors of the Sea,” highlighting the partnership between the U.S. and Philippine militaries.


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